9/29/2021 12:04:14 PM


The fair will be held on 24-26 th November 2021


Have you received (printed or online) FREE INVITATION for STONE/GLASS FAIR?

Activate it and collect a free-entry confirmation before event. 

Choose one of the following options depending on the type of the invitation you received:


Single entry invitation VIP invitation


In the next step you will be asked to:

  • fill in a short questionaire of registration
  • fill in a sanitary and epidemic questionnaire
  • give the activation code (you can find it on your invitation) 


You will receive an admission document to the e-mail address you provided during registration.

It is important that you activate your invitation before the Fairs!

The activation is free and it is best to finish it 24 h before the opening of the chosen day of visiting the Fairs.

Please, keep it in mind, that this year's GARDENIA will take place both stationary and online. By activating the invitation you get an access to GARDENIA in Poznań and also to a virtual meeting platform. The login details will be sent to visitors by e-mail.